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Decorating has always been a pleasure for me. Over time, I realized that the aesthetics of an object was not enough. From this reflection was born this site, where I suggest you combine decoration and authenticity.


I select and buy all kinds of old, unusual and charming objects for you, for decoration in the spirit of the 18th and 19th centuries.


I restore those objects that require it, to bring them back to life and allow them to last. Cleaned, repainted, sometimes re-upholstered or diverted, each object receives all the care it deserves. You can also let me know your wishes for colors, fabrics ...


I strive to create a harmonious atmosphere between all these unique objects to allow you to appreciate them at their true value, and why not, to integrate them into your interior ...



I wanted to create, through this shop, a universe apart, on the sidelines of what is already on offer in terms of decoration.


This site differs from a flea market, I carefully select the objects that  I suggest you. Here, no dust! Everything is cleaned, restored, or brought up to date ...  I nevertheless tried to preserve  this atmosphere where research is part of the  pleasure,  especially when it results in a find!

I don't pretend to be an antique dealer either. I want to make period decoration accessible,  control the price. You will not find here paintings of great masters, nor stamped furniture, but just pretty elements  old for an authentic decoration.

I  wish  finally distinguish myself from classic decoration shops, which do not offer  this authenticity, this emotion linked to the history, to the experience of an object. All  what I present to you here is unique and  old, and therefore has a real intrinsic value that allows to pass through the effects of fashion without being devalued. I remain convinced that authenticity is not a question of budget, and that  is  more interesting to decorate your interior with old rather than copies.


Each object has a story. Isn't it more fun to sit on an armchair which in two hundred years has housed dresses with baskets, petticoats… and finally jeans?


Beyond the only decorative dimension, I research history. This same armchair, or this element in carved wood in the 18th century, probably did not have this vocation of longevity in the imagination of the craftsman who created them. And yet here they are in your living room!


I particularly like the atmospheres of the 18th and 19th centuries, so it is these two  styles that I suggest you find here. Both timeless and easy to combine with a more contemporary interior,   these two atmospheres will easily find their place in your home!


The 18th century decoration brings a soft and elegant atmosphere, while the 19th century style is more sober, often darker, and refined.

However, I am not resistant to other styles of decoration, and you will probably come across older objects, or early twentieth ...


You can also entrust me with your research and your budget, I will be happy to find what you are looking for.


The interest of this site is also to make you discover more unusual or diverted objects, within a harmonious atmosphere, and thus to give you ideas for your own decoration.

As and  my discoveries, the site will be supplemented by new features. I suggest you visit it regularly, and do not hesitate to consider it as a walk!


Mom of two young children, I gave up  law, my field of study, to devote myself to what I love: first of all my family, and then decoration. I have had this immense chance to bathe in art and beauty since my childhood, I hope to share it with my children and others!

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